Jim Barrett is in his fourth year of an astrophysics PhD, working at the University of Birmingham, UK.

He spent the first 18 months of his PhD working with Dr Will Farr on Continuous Autoregressive Moving Average (CARMA) models for efficient inference and characterisation of stochastic variability in the time domain.

Jim is now working on compact binary population synthesis with Professor Ilya Mandel and the COMPAS team, developing a suite of software to simulate massive binaries and also study the statistics of populations. In particular, Jim is using Gaussian process emulators in order to make inference problems tractable with COMPAS.

Jim obtained a first class MSci in Physics from the University of Birmingham in 2013, where he primarily specialised in condensed matter theory, writing his masters thesis on the dynamics of superconducting vortices confined to thin channels. After graduating, he spent a short time working in the software industry, before returning to Birmingham in 2014 to begin his PhD.

He enjoys running, programming and playing competitive chess for a local club.