Chess Blog #3 - More Online Fun

I know, I know. I should probably blog about something that isn't chess, and in particular isn't my terrible attempts at playing chess. However, better a chess blog than no blog right? right..?

The 2015-2016 season is just around the corner. My first competitive match is about 4 weeks away on 23rd September, so I'm going to start weaning myself off of blitz chess, and start playing some slightly longer games. This started today, and my very first 30-0 game turned out to be quite a nice one. I had to put up quite a tough defence against some very scary moves with a rather exposed King. I'm very proud of my combination to finish it.

I'll admit that I didn't find that final combo all in one go after white's 33rd move, I was just playing to take the Knight without allowing check from his Queen. That doesn't mean it's not pretty though...